This time will come to us all....How to design a Tweenager bedroom

If you blink you’ll miss it - this is how I am currently feeling about my eldest son's primary years. Somehow we’ve arrived at the life stop where we unwillingly throw ourselves onto the emotional rollercoaster ride that is Secondary school decision time.  So far this journey has only created panicked thoughts. ‘ When did my little babyface get so big?’  ‘How will my baby survive the epic leap to big school when finding matching socks is still a daily challenge?’ And realising the 'who is Father Christmas?' chat is more daunting than the ‘where do babies come from’ question.

 In order for me to ease him into this tweenage era where all sorts of new emotions are going to be experienced and experimented with, I’ve decided it’s time to update his bedroom to grow with him as he enters this hormonal fug that we all remember and wouldn’t wish upon anyone, least of all our overgrown babyfaces.

 LivingEtc described us as the latest must must must have for tweenagers.  So I thought it might be helpful to offer some hints and tips to create a space for our tempestuous offspring to fester and sulk in peace, whilst looking stylish enough to admire as we run in with pegs on our nose, to gather up the mismatched socks and remove the crockery now resembling a science experiment.

1. Storage/shelving - still keep the space for your little one to show off their craft creations and lego structures - millenium falcon will still need a home long after they have left.  

Storage for the expanding wardrobe of clothes they won’t wear, with extra space to shove dirty clothes giving the impression they have tidied their room.

2. Sockets and more sockets – For all their electrical bells and whistles.  Gone are the days of a family sharing a pc that took up 10 mins to dial up .  Scanners/printers/phones/cameras/TV etc, you name it - they need to charge it.

3. Extra bed/sofa bed - mates are now the new family 

4. Preening/desk space

5. Accessories & pin boards to house their snap chat pics 

Here are few top items I’ve found that are sure to put a smile on their face – and their mates, who are now likely to move in!



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Love Mairead And Em X




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